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My first experience with SPICES Fitness was about a year ago, at a weekend fitness camp Bernadette was hosting. I had begun my healthy lifestyle journey and she really encouraged me to keep going. Her dynamic personality made t hard to resist. After the camp I joined her group classes, and now I attend 6 days a week. I am working hard and finding great results. Since I have started with her I have lost 75 pounds and gained my life back . I have made great supportive friends and enjoy every minute that I spend at this wonderful studio. It is my home away from home. Bernadette, your attitude, style, spirit, emotions feelings, heart and hard work are truly inspiring. I am honored to have you in my life. Thanks for helping me be the person I want to be!
- Julia

Bernadette and the SPICES Fitness group have inspired me to believe in myself, and that there is no obstacle or challenge that you cannot overcome. I am a stronger and healthierperson because of the support, and the wonderful, inspirational individuals I am blessed to share my journey with at SPICES Fitness. - Donna

One-on-one personal training and lifestyle consulting with Bernadette Nikkari helped me push through a weight loss plateau. Although I was always active, my weight crept up over the years and I struggled with chronic pain. I began with group classes through SPICES Fitness as well as partner training with Bernadette as my Personal trainer in Spring 2011. In January 2012, I started one-on-one personal training with Bernadette. After taking a look at my lifestyle, diet, and fitness routine, Bernadette designed a program that helped me to achieve my goals including losing almost 15 pounds and significantly improving my aerobic fitness. My energy, strength and endurance are better than ever, and my chronic pain has vanished. I am in better shape now than I was in my twenties! - Juliana

I am so thankful for my swimming lessons with Bernadette. Because of my disability I need to keep active otherwise I get really stiff and then it is hard for me to move around and I lose my balance. I've always loved swimming. Bernadette makes it really fun so it doesn't even seem like exercise to me.

My mom was really frustrated with trying to find a personal fitness program to fit my needs until we came upon Spices Fitness with Bernadette. I want to keep up with my swimming and maybe try some exercises with Bernadette at the gym. Bernadette is a breath of fresh air! - Natasha

I started with Bernadette in June of 2013. Our kids were graduating from high school together so we knew each other a little bit through school. I learned she was a Personal Trainer after working a fundraiser with her. The idea stayed in the back of my mind for a number of months until I finally had the courage to contact her. I really didn't have any weight to lose, but I was depressed, out of shape and needed a change. Bernadette saved me. I never feel intimidated or afraid of what she has in store for me on my training days. I look forward to them each and every time. She is patient but is always challenging me. After 7 months, I have actually gained some weight, all of it muscle I'm proud to say. I'm stronger than I have ever been before. My health has improved both physically and mentally. Who knew but I also LOVE Zumba and I CAN dance after all!! Also, my boxing gloves are in the mail and I can't wait to get them! I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Bernadette in my journey towards physical and emotional well-being and would recommend her and the Spices program to anyone who is serious about getting fit and making a change! - Kim

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