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Spices Fitness believes in Holistic Health Fitness Training for the whole family which emphasizes balanced health and wellness spicing up all areas of health using tools that encourage diverse training which connects the entire body and mind and soul while having fun with others!! All fitness classes include compound movements that emphasize mutli-drirectional movment and which promote the use of multiple muscles, burning new neuropathways to maximize workout gains, increase functional and performance fitness. Complex movements with torso twisting increae core strength and mobility while facilitating improve immune function.

Bernadette Nikkari Biography

Bernadette Nikkari is a very positive force in the fitness and lifestyle field. She is highly self-driven and a great role model for others as she is continually seeking out challenges for herself and for others. She encourages those around her to keep growing, evolving, and to be strong, healthy members of society and the universe as a whole. Her goals are to motivate others to lead healthy, holistic lifestyles where they can reach their full potential.

Bernadette has proven over the years her love for fitness and her dedication to wellness, as over the years has remained active with her three daughters. She believes in hard work and dedication which can be seen through her experiences of Military Basic training, training as an Amateur Kickboxer, in running in the QCM Full Marathon, and in her commitment to the fitness community within her various positions.

Bernadette is a Certified Personal Trainer (through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and canfitpro), a Fitness Instructor Specialist (through canfitpro), and also a Pro-Trainer for canfitpro and Fitness Kickboxing Canada. She also has her degree in Kinesiology and Health Studies majoring in Fitness & Lifestyle. She teaches in a variety of areas including Fitness Kickboxing, Strength & Endurance, Sports Conditioning, and Choreography Based Classes. Her love for music and fitness is brought together in the Zumba and Zumba Kids classes.

As an Early Childhood Educator, Bernadette also enjoys working with children and offers daycamps and theme parties which also offer opportuntities for children to develop in all areas of the SPICES wheel. She believes that health begins at an early age and that it is important to offer opportunities for the younger generations to be active in creative and exciting environments.

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